We provide high quality education in Music, Performing Arts (Speech & Drama, Dance, Musical Theatre) and Language, as well as higher education in music and teacher training. Using current pedgagogies and methodology, incorporating age appropriate activities, we strive to bring out the best in every child, moulding them to become a creative, confident and eloquent individual, at the same time maintain their poise and ability to work dynamically in a group successfully.



Welcome to Seimpi Education

An Education Group that comprises Performing Arts & Language School, Music School and Music Academy.

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Looking for activities to enrich your child’s holidays? We have designed a special range of our performing arts and academic programmes as 2-days workshops this June holidays!

 Learn more here.

Join us for our Language & Drama Festival.

Lots of activities for everyone, learn more here.

S Class Signature Series. Collaborating with International Teaching experts in their own fields of performance.

Learn more here.

Read our feature here.


Learn Music Theory online, in the new online exam format.

Find out more here.

Thank you to our teachers teamwork, parents and students support for taking Seimpi into the Top 10 online classes for kids. We will continue to work hard to bring quality content and teaching to all our learners; ensuring concrete learning and good progress is always our consuming passion as we strive to bring Seimpi's pedagogy to an even higher level.

More info on S Class here.


Advanced Performance EXcellence

Piano Intensive Course

Find out more here.

MIM Chinese

Find out more here.

(1)Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Chinese.

(2)Adult Chinese.


(3)Online course for Chinese .



An integrated and Distinctive Playgroup by Seimpi. Conducted by Specialists teachers, covering English, Chinese, Drama, Art and Music (MIM). Find out more here.

Become a more confident and expressive person, increase your creativity and cognitive flexibility, as well as learning about coordinating with others.At the same time enjoy and improve your proficiency in English and Chinese language.

Find out more here, or contact us for more information about MIM Speech & Drama (In English or Chinese).

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Personal Data Protection Policy


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