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MIM Speech and Drama (English and Chinese)

Language is the very foundation on which we rely to interact and communicate with others. Not only is it key for our daily lifestyle, but it also speaks a lot about oneself. A child’s language development capabilities are greatly influenced by being in a positive environment rich with words, rhythm, sounds, etc. Speech & Drama is for everyone. As mentioned, Speech is key. Acting is a craft. It is not entirely a talent which is, of course, an essential ingredient in the development of imaginative and exciting performance.

In Seimpi, we aid the learning of language through Speech & Drama. Many parents have had their child benefit from Speech and Drama. The development of motor skills is one of the main concerns from parents, and through drama such skills will be reinforced. Without only concentrating on the development of social awareness and flexible interactive skills, children should be exposed to the other skills in the course. In Seimpi, we teach them to improve their writing, performing and speaking ability, activate their emotional senses, imagine a whole scene based on a word or situation, emphasize on English or Chinese proficiency, etc. Most importantly have fun while learning the skill. There are a whole lot of drama skills suitable for different age groups. You can have a better understanding under the description of your child’s age group.

Benefits of Chinese Speech & Drama
Projects by Chinese Speech & Drama Students
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Projects by English Speech & Drama Students

Class available in all our centres for MIM Speech & Drama (English & Chinese). Online classes are also available.

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Our Centre's Location:

176 Orchard Road #03-16/17 The Centrepoint Singapore 238843

Tel : 67376731 

237 Jurong East Street 21 #01-398 S600237

Tel: 62621193

90 Hougang Ave 10, #05-04/05 Hougang Mall Singapore 538766

Tel : 63435347

Drama script resources at

Drama Notebook Script Library.

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