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Seimpi Education ABRSM Music Theory (Grades 1 to 5)


Seimpi Education is one of the first schools to offer an updated Music Theory Course for Grade 1 – 5, tailored to the latest changes in the ABRSM examination system. As candidates now have to sit for the new examination online, it is essential that they learn music theory through a digital format. With a curriculum carefully designed by a team of music theory teachers from Seimpi Education, this course will make use of the latest online teaching methodologies to ensure that our students adapt well to the technological changes in the ABRSM examination system.

There will be 10 lessons for each grade. In each lesson, detailed explanations of musical concepts, interactive exercises, engaging online games, and accelerated teaching approaches will help students to grasp music theory quickly. Our teachers will also use a reward system to motivate and encourage students to progress rapidly in their music competency. In addition, students will be given handouts of music theory concepts and specially crafted exercises for further reinforcement of learnt content after each lesson.

Highlights of the online course:

  • Highly capable teachers who are experienced in online teaching

  • Curriculum specially designed according to the latest ABRSM examination syllabus and format

  • Interesting and interactive music theory exercises

  • Reinforcement of learnt content is given after each lesson

  • Free online trial exams to simulate the ABRSM online examination format for candidates

  • Flexible arrangement of lesson time for students’ convenience

  • Students can attend each lesson remotely from the comfort of their homes


10 weekly lessons per grade (finish within 3 months), 60min each lesson.

(Group and individual lessons available)

Contact details: 6737 6731 or email:;


Contact details: 6737 6731 or email:;


Online excercises for students to practice.

Contact details: 6737 6731 or email:;

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