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for Adults

MIM Chinese for Adults

Seimpi Education is a dedicated centre for language. The centre provides high quality and professional Chinese lessons for adults with interest. Through the centre’s highly qualified instructors and well-written courses, students are able to master the Chinese language in Singapore and be able to communicate fluently in their daily lives.

At Seimpi, we guarantee that all teachers are qualified in teaching Chinese and students are able to effectively benefit from their teaching. Patient teachers will guide you and at the same time, ensure that everyone is able to learn with a positive attitude.

Additionally, the lesson is filled with exciting content, and is categorized into three levels. Please refer to the below table:

Adult Chinese Table.jpg

At the first level, the teachers will teach students how to read Chinese characters in the correct tone with the help of Hanyu Pinyin. At the same time, students will learn the concepts of Hanyu Pinyin such as the various tones and pronunciation when in different positions. In addition, students will also learn simple Chinese words and sentences commonly used in their daily lives through conversation in different situations, such as in the MRT and shopping malls. Additionally, they will also learn how to express their thoughts and intensions in basic Chinese.

After completing the first level, students will master the concept of Hanyu Pinyin and learn the use of various important everyday words. In their daily lives, they will be able to communicate with others in Chinese depending on the various situations. This will further improve their communication skills and altogether improve their self-confidence when using the language.


At the second level, teachers will teach students the appropriate Chinese words, correct ways of writing Chinese words, stroke order and placement, and structure. Simultaneously, Chinese grammar such as placement of the subject, verb and objects in a sentence will be taught. Furthermore, students will also learn how to write complete sentences, in various different ways like passive and active sentences.

After finishing level 2, students will have the ability to write basic Chinese words and understand the concept and structure of them. At the same time, students are able to grasp the correct grammar usage and differentiate the differences between English and Chinese grammar. Subsequently, they will learn how to form more descriptive sentences, such as adding adjectives and adverbs.


Level 3 will encompass teaching the students about the meaning and historical origin of Chinese words to a certain extent. Lastly, they will also be taught how to properly format their sentences in a letter or email.

Upon completion of level 3, students will attain a deeper understanding of Chinese, its culture and an appreciation for the complexity of the language. Subsequently, students will gain a competitive advantage at work by understanding how to format an email, and the utilizing of common words or sentence structures.


If mastering Chinese is your goal, don’t hesitate anymore!

Seimpi Education is your first choice.

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