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For parents looking for a fun way to introduce English and Chinese to  your  child at an early age, we  are  proud to present a specialised set of classes  inclusive of art, speech and drama,  and  music  all in a  single  program conducted  by our Specialists Teachers. These programs serve to give a holistic support to the overall  progress of bilingualism in children and will also cultivate the love for the arts, music, drama, drawing, art & craft. Through age appropriate teaching pedagogies, childen will also refine their eye-hand coordination and overall motor and physical skills! 



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Uniqueness of WISE 

All subjects are conducted by specialists rather than generalists

Promoting bilingualism from a very young age

Effective teaching of English, Chinese, Music and Art from toddlers’ age. It eliminates the struggles that children need to go through as a result of starting with a wrong footing

Focus on achieving academic excellence with sound pedagogical method suitable for effective learning. Activities are designed to give a good balance between the provision of content and exploratory, inquiry based practices

Learning objectives are systematically planned right from toddlers to primary school age

Drama, Music and Art learning serves to give a holistic support to the overall progress of bilingualism in children

Performing Arts courses help build strong self-esteem and confidence in young children

Art & Craft and Movement based activities assists in developing eye-hand coordination and overall motor and physical skills

Instilling the right mindset of perseverance, discipline and determination amidst fun and engaging activities

Syllabus for English is based on Cambridge Early Learner syllabus. For Music, the course that we use have been accredited and recognized officially by the world renowned examination board, the London College of Music Examination Board.


Download the English brochure for more details.


Download the Chinese brochure for more details.

Meet the Teachers


Ms Shiely

Known for her charismatic teaching, Ms Shiely, a Master Teacher specializes in teaching grouped MIM® Music classes for children.


Ms Faeryn

Specializing in multimedia design and computer graphics, Ms Faeryn has started teaching both the traditional and digital arts since she was in secondary school. 


Ms Sahera

Ms Sahera has years of experience teaching and coaching students of many different backgrounds and always look forward to bringing out the best in them.

Xiao Ling.png

Ms Xiao LIng

A native China teacher, Ms Xiao Ling is an experienced teacher with numerous years of knowledge and teaching in Music, Chinese, and Speech and Drama. 

New term starting :

Loyang Point - Wednesday10.30am
JCube - Thursday 10.30am
Hougang - Friday 10.30am

Fill in the form below to reserve a slot in the class or find out more details.

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