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1. All fees for lessons conducted by Seimpi School of Music (the "School") are payable in advance and are to be paid fully by the 25th of every month to ensure bookings for lessons are confirmed in the following month. No reminder letters or invoices will be given. The School reserves the right to suspend or terminate the student’s lessons until all outstanding fees are paid.

2. Fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable, including fees paid by the term or for one-time payment.

3. To terminate lessons, a written or email notice must be given to the School by the 20th of each month in advance, prior to the next payment date. No verbal communication of withdrawal will be accepted.

4. There will be a total of 45 lessons in a calendar year based on the School's calendar. The School’s calendar can be viewed/downloaded from Full month's fees are still payable.


5. School fees payment is to be transferred to the indicated bank account in a prompt manner.



6. Students are to inform the school within 48 hours for cancellation of classes.

7. Fees must be paid in full irrespective of the number of cancellations in a month, and no pro-ration is permissible.


8. If a teacher is absent, the teacher will arrange replacement of lessons. Replacement lesson has to be completed within the same month. Alternatively, the School may arrange a relief teacher to take over the class as it deems fit.


9. Teachers are not obliged to fulfill the full duration of each lesson if students are late for classes.


10. Students/Parents are required to provide a signature on the Teacher’s time sheet after each visit.


11. Rescheduling of any lesson that falls on public holidays is to be done within the same month.




12. The School shall not be held responsible for any loss of property or injuries or mishaps when lessons are being conducted in student´s property.



13. The School reserves the right to reject any cancellation of lessons for any inappropriate reasons.


14. VENUE: The lessons will be held at the student’s residence, unless otherwise arranged. Any changes of venue before the commencement of lessons has to be communicated with the school in advance.


Examinations / Teaching Materials / Concert


15. The School has the sole right and discretion to decide if a student is ready to sit for exams. Parents and students must seek the respective teachers’ approval before making enrolment of any examinations.


16. There will be Nominal Charges for any request for Trial Exam and Concert participation.


17. Video recording of Trial exams will be arranged 3 weeks before the exams for internal assessment.


18. A service fee of $15 (subject to changes) is payable to the School for enrolment of any exam through the School.


19. Students must purchase teaching materials recommended by the School.


20. Students will travel to the school at the designated venue as indicated in the “Entry Proof:


Learning Environment


21. Parents/Students must provide a conducive learning environment with digital/ acoustic piano to facilitate the learning. The School provides digital pianos with a rental of $100 per-month. Delivery charges are applicable.


22. MIM® classes conducted at residential spaces require 1 parental guidance at all times.


23. The School has the sole right and discretion to decide which students get to participate in concerts, performances and video recordings. The School’s decision is final.


24. Students may have to attend rehearsals at any other venue that he or she is assigned to.


Contact Numbers


25. Parents can contact: 6737 6731 or 9222 5351 (What Apps) for any issue regarding cancellation of lesson, discussion of progress, etc.


Terms & Conditions

26. The School reserves the rights to take photographs and make audio/visual recordings of students for publicity and promotional purposes.


27.Parents or Students are not permitted to hire any of Seimpi’s current teachers or ex-teachers for private tutoring services outside of the SOHO program.


28. The School reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions as and when it deems fit.

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