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SMART (Seimpi MIM Accelerated & Robust Training)


Empower students to elevate their musical proficiency through a comprehensive and demanding music educational curriculum.

Enhance students' performance opportunities and foster collaborative experiences with peers who share their musical aptitude, promoting increased exposure and performance skills.

Establish a robust and suitable groundwork for students' forthcoming music studies.

Equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for potential admission to specific secondary schools via Direct School Admission (DSA).



(1) Performance

Students will engage in weekly one-on-one instruction tailored to their respective instruments. To fully maximize the benefits of this program, consistent daily practice of their instruments at home, ranging from 1 to 2 hours depending on grade level, is strongly recommended.


(2) Practical Musicianship & Theory (PMAT)

At each level, students will partake in weekly group sessions designed to enhance their understanding of both music theory and practical musicianship. This aspect is crucial as it provides the essential framework for cultivating a proficient musician. The quality of instrumental performance is heavily influenced by the performer's internal perception and comprehension of the music, playing a pivotal role in achieving success in music examinations or competitions.

(3) Collaborative Interactive Practice (CIP)

Participation in a mandatory monthly ensemble practice is a key component of this program. Given the predominant emphasis on individual instrumental learning, the inclusion of group performances is essential to provide students with valuable experience in collaborative settings. This practice not only deepens their comprehension of musical texture but also enhances stylistic awareness, while simultaneously strengthening their aural and rhythmic senses. By engaging in improvisation, harmonization, and ensemble arrangement, students open up new avenues for a gratifying musical career as they acquire and refine their musical skills

(4) Masterclass

Scheduled bi-monthly, this class requires each student to present one to two pieces from their existing repertoire. This exercise aims to enhance both intellectual and technical aspects, preparing students for upcoming performances or examinations. Furthermore, students are encouraged to broaden their musical horizons by actively listening to a diverse range of music repertoires, fostering the development and refinement of their analytical thinking skills.

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