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SMART (Seimpi MIM Accelerated & Robust Training)


To give an all rounded and robust training to students who possess the abilities to accelerate their music studies.

To give more opportunities to students to perform in public and to work together with students of similar talent to gain more exposure and experience in music performance.

To give students a good and proper foundation for more serious music learning in the future.

To prepare students who have the potential to use DSA (Direct School Admission) in music to enter certain secondary schools.



(1) Instrumental Training

Students will get weekly individual coaching in their instruments on a one to one basis. At least 1 - 2 hours (depends on the grades) of instrumental practice at home each day is strongly encouraged, in order for the child to benefit fully from this programme.


(2) Practical Musicianship & Theory (PMAT)

All students will attend a weekly group instruction to advance their knowledge of both music theory and practical musicianship. This is significant since it offers the software necessary for the development of a skilled musician. A great instrumental performance mostly depends on the performer's internal perception and comprehension of the music. The achievement of great results in any music examination or competition typically depends on this intangible skill.

(3) Masterclass

A bi-monthly class. Each student is required to play 1- 2 pieces of his/her current repertoire. This aims to further prepare the mind and techniques for performances or examinations in the future. Students are also required to listen more to repertoire of all genre to gain understanding and develop an analytical mind.

English Brochure


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