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Raising a Hand
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Lead Teacher
Ms Moon Lee, 李老师

Ms Moon Lee is a passionate and experienced educator whose life has been deeply intertwined with the world of Chinese language and drama performances.

From a young age, Ms Moon Lee exhibited a fervent enthusiasm for various artistic endeavors, including comedy, music, and storytelling. Her journey in the world of arts began in primary school when she actively participated in children's drama groups and showcased her talents in numerous stage productions. During her time in secondary school, she joined the Children's Group at the Singapore Radio, further honing her performance skills.

However, Ms Moon Lee’s dedication to education is equally noteworthy. She has proudly served in the Ministry of Education for 36 years, accumulating a wealth of educational experience. Her teaching career commenced at Dunman Government Secondary School, where she not only taught modern Chinese but also teaching Chinese Literature. Her teaching portfolio expanded to include Higher Chinese, and she held teaching positions at institutions such as Catholic Junior College and Temasek Junior College. Additionally, Ms Moon Lee passionately taught Chinese Literature, with a primary focus on preparing students for national examinations. Her students consistently achieved exceptional results, with over half of them securing A1 grades each year. In the realm of Chinese Literature, all her students achieved A1 grades. Ms Moon Lee was also frequently entrusted with the task of grading examination papers and conducting oral assessments.


Ms Moon Lee possesses an illustrious educational background, holding an Honors Degree in Chinese from the National University of Singapore, complemented by an Education Diploma with credit. She firmly believes that education extends beyond the confines of textbooks and should encompass cultural and artistic refinement to lead a fulfilling and balanced life.

As an exemplary educator, Ms Moon Lee is committed to inspiring her students' creativity, expressive abilities, and fostering a genuine love for the arts. She eagerly anticipates embarking on a journey towards a more enriching future with her students!





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