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  • Incorporates the latest technologies and methodologies in online teaching.

  • Voted best in online courses for kids in Singapore in June 2020

  • Customized program syllabus for online students from different countries

  • Each course is carefully crafted by a team of content and syllabus creators working with Seimpi Education.

  • Teachers have gone through a series of robust and intensive training sessions comprising of practical instructions and the latest teaching pedagogies.

  • Possesses high standards of quality control towards its educators’ standard of teaching.

A sneak peek at our S Class lessons


Courses available on S Class for international students


LEAPS (Language Excellence Academic Program @ Seimpi) for School going children

(1) MIM English

(2) MIM Chinese

MUSIC (For Toddlers)

(1) MIM, Music for the Intelligent Mind 

3RD LANGUAGE (For both Adults & Children)

(1) Korean

(2) Japanese

(3) Chinese

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