All our courses can be conducted online or at our centres for Singapore students.

*New*  Music Theory online.

*New* Korean online

*New* Japanese online

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See examples of online classes for overseas students on S Class.

Types of online classes for overseas students on S Class:

(1) MIM LEAPS English

(2) MIM LEAPS Chinese

(3) MIM, Music for Toddlers

(4) Foreign languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese)

(5) Music Theory Online

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Yip Soo Fern, Parent of Chia Le Ern

My kid enjoyed the online piano lessons very much. He could learn and practice at home comfortably without the need to rush to and fro the centre. He could communicate well with Teacher Tina via zoom. Thank you Teacher Tina for her patience and guidance. 

Irene Seet, Parent of Derek Ker

I was quite apprehensive over online lessons for piano at first. However, after going through about 3 months of online lessons, I was quite impressed over how Teacher Melanie conducts the lesson every time. Amazingly, she can even spot Derek's wrong fingering via zoom lessons. Nonetheless, there is still some compromise over guidance on musical features. Overall, I feel Derek is still up to speed with his learning. One plus point with Seimpi's online lessons is they offer buddy lesson to make up for it. And Derek has certainly benefitted from this as through the buddy lessons, he managed to narrow the gap for his theory and practical piano. 

Even Qian, Parent of Yuan ShaoCheng

Teacher Kathigah is always very dedicated and trying her best to keep the kid engaged. It's not easy to have an online class. But so far Shaocheng is very fond of the class 

Sun Ping, Parent of Koo Zhi Qi Ashley 

The sessions given are pretty suitable for the kid with interactive activities from different perspectives. The kid enjoys the lesson and looks forward to the class every week.