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SafeEntry @ Seimpi Education

SafeEntry (by GovTech) is a national digital check-in system which logs visits by individuals to premises and venues. You are required to provide key information (e.g. name, NRIC and mobile number) when you enter any Seimpi Education schools. By scanning a  QR code, you can authenticate through SingPass Mobile or can choose to manually enter their details. It is mandatory to use SafeEntry for every member of the family who enters our premises. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

*The data collected will be only be available to authorised Government personnel for the purpose of contact tracing. We will not have the data.

There are 2 ways to use SafeEntry:

(1) SafeEntry with QR

(2) SafeEntry with NRIC

(1) Use of SafeEntry with QR

(a) Scan ourQR code to access the SafeEntry website


(b) Select “Check-in” when entering, or “Check-out” when exiting the premises


(c) SingPass Mobile users can consent to the sharing of their Name, NRIC and Mobile number via the app.

If the individual does not have SingPass Mobile, the required information (Name, NRIC and Mobile number) can be manually entered.


(d) The check-in process is completed.


(e) *Important* You need to check-out when you leave the premises. Scan the QR code and click "CHECK-OUT" for every member that was checked in.


(2) Use of SafeEntry with NRIC

Please present your NRIC barcode for us to scan. Besides NRIC, other forms of official photo ID with barcode can be used for SafeEntry. This includes Transitlink Concession Card, PAssion Card, Driver’s License, MOM Work Pass or Work Permit. 

*For young children, Birth Certifcate can be presented. (For convenience we recommend you take a photo of the barcode of their Birth Certificate and present the photo for us to scan.)

*Important* You need to check-out when you leave the premises. Please let us scan the barcode for every member that was checked in.


For convenience, you can also choose to save the QR codes to your phone, choose/upload the saved QR code from your phone gallery to scan to access the SafeEntry website. *You can prefill the entries but please only click submit when you are in our school.

Seimpi @ Centrepoint


Seimpi @ JCube


Seimpi @ Hougang


Seimpi @ Loyang Point

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