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reflections by participants


Jimmy Yap

21 November 2018

1 day before the start of Coalesce

00 1 Before Coalesce Signboard.jpg
00 2 Before Coalesce Intro To Practice R

"Yes!", I exclaimed as I punched my fist in the air with euphoria. Ever since I had been informed that I was entitled to Coalesce (Royal Birmingham Conservatory Immersion Trip), I had been anticipating this event. And, now I had finally, after what seemed like an eternity, arrived in Birmingham!

Teacher Rado, my kind, patient and caring Teacher had allotted me 1.5 hours of practice time on my first day (before Coalesce began) as I was desperate to have more practice before the big day (concert day) arrived. 1.5 hours was thankfully enough for me to have a grip again on my pieces after about a week of no practice.

22 November 2018

Day 1 of Coalesce