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Non WSQ Courses
by Seimpi School of Music

Early Childhood Music Teaching

Course Reference Number : CRS-N-0049639

     Skills Future Credit Eligible


7 hours

Course Fees:


Course Objectives

The course objectives are with a focus to enhance learner’s skills in their workplace:

(1) It teaches the early childhood teachers to use the appropriate rhymes and songs in their daily teaching with specialized knowledge in this area, e.g. rhymes and songs that are constructed with regular beats are more suitable for under 6 year old children; how to choose songs that are constructed with pentatonic scales for infants and toddlers; how to sing songs or chant rhymes rhythmically to instill rhythmic sense in children; understanding age-appropriate percussion pitched and non-pitched instruments .etc

(2) It helps early childhood teachers who intend to be re-trained to enhance their skills in early childhood teaching to seek for a better position in the industry.

(3) To help early childhood teachers to develop singing skills so that whenever they sing to the children, they will have better diction and to be able to sing in tune

(4) To help early childhood teachers to develop a good rhythmic sense so that the music & movement component in their daily teaching will be more effectively done. It will also help early childhood teachers to be more creative in their year-end concert or performances.

(5) Musical games that early childhood teachers learn from the course can be adapted in their daily classroom teaching to enhance team work and create a holistic learning environment.

(6) It helps early childhood teachers to instill the love of music performance and presentation in children. These soft skills benefit our children to be well-adjusted and grow up confidently.

Claim Procedure

Click here to go to MySkillsFuture course page and log in using your Singpass to submit the claim before the course date.

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