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Learn to Play the Violin

Pick up a new or second instrument, start on the right note.

Using MIM philosophy of holistic learning to approach violin playing

Our MIM Violin starts from 3 years old, conducted in a group setting, and leads seamlessly into graded studies. Older children can start with individual lessons. 

We will cover

Correct Playing
Build up essential techniques and postures from young, 
Reading &
Eye Training
Important in nurturing a good musician, and crucial to acquire music literacy, not only depending on imitation playing.
Ensemble / Concerts
Interacting with other musicians are important skills to acquire, and performance builds up confidence and motivation
Music Theory
Enables a deeper understanding of the music you are playing. Music theory is an essential part of music education.


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20% off 1st 2 months fees (promotion until 30 Sep 2023) 

Lessons on:
Sunday @ Centrepoint
Sunday @ Hougang

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