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Seimpi Education – Language & Drama Festival

Globalization, digitalization, and the advanced development of information technology have affected the way we live and work, there is an urgent need to introduce new skills to cope with the disruptive changes. To deepen and internalize these skills, one needs to have strong communication skills;  and we have to start embracing them from a young age. It is strongly affiliated with a person’s language proficiency, and a renewed approach in teaching this skill is required for the benefit of our students.

Seimpi Education has carefully put forward the integrated teaching of language and drama to facilitate the learning of communication skills. The 2021 inaugural Language & Drama Festival strongly promotes integrated learning. In this festival, we will have British experts in speech and drama, voice coach, giving us insights on our chat shows, holding online live-streaming and recorded storytelling sessions, and physical classes conducted by industrial experts. We sincerely hope this festival will raise the standard of communication among our students, on their way to becoming eloquent speakers. Come and join us for a rewarding and awesome experience in the world of language and drama!

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