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MIM Chinese Speech & Drama

Holiday Program 'Nov 2022

Language is the very foundation on which we rely to interact and communicate with others. A child’s language development capabilities are greatly influenced by being in a positive environment rich with words, rhythm, sounds, etc. Speech & Drama is one way for your child to be immersed in this environment . Speech is key. Acting is a craft. Both are essential ingredients in the development of an imaginative and exciting performance. The Economic Development Board chief has said before that digital and technical skills alone will not be enough. Soft skills like the ability to tell a story, have empathy and create connections with others – will help people stand out and differentiate themselves. This is where a good performing arts education helps.


In Seimpi, we aid the learning of language and soft skills through Speech & Drama, using our MIM philosophy. Many parents have had their child benefit from Speech and Drama. The development of motor skills is one of the main concerns of parents, and through drama such skills will be reinforced. Besides developing the child’s social awareness and interactive skills, they are also exposed to other skills in the course. In Seimpi, we teach them to improve their writing, performing and speaking ability, activate their emotional senses, widen their imagination based on a word or situation, emphasize on Chinese proficiency, etc. Most important of all is to have fun while learning the skills.


Objective: To introduce the basics of Speech & Drama to students 


Duration: 1hr 30mins 

Venue : Seimpi @ HOUGANG MALL



By the end of the holiday program students should be able to: 

• Understand the fundamentals of Speech & Drama 

• Use actions as an extension of the message

• Understand methods to tackle hard scripts 

• Use music as an extension of the scene 

• Use Drama as a way to improve the Chinese Language 


Chinese Speech & Drama ( Age 4 to 6 )

Sunday, 10am - 11.30am

27th November 2022

Public / Non Seimpi Students Fee : $60

Seimpi Students Fee : $35

Chinese Speech & Drama (Age 7 to 12)

Sunday 12pm - 1.30pm

27th November 2022

Public / Non Seimpi Students Fee : $60

Seimpi Students Fee : $35

Contact details: 6737 6731 or email:;


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