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“Terms & Conditions”
By signing up the Seimpi Learning Alliance Network (LAN), you agreed to the following
”Terms and Conditions”;

1. Membership Privilege

(a) As a member, you are eligible for exclusive membership privileges offered by Seimpi Learning Alliance Network (LAN).

(b) Membership privileges are applicable solely to the Seimpi Learning Network (LAN) members and cannot be combined with any other privileges or promotions offered by Seimpi Education.

2. Referral Program

(a) As a member, you are encouraged to refer new students to Seimpi Education’s Program.

(b) You will be provided with a unique “Referral CODE “to share with your referral.

3. Referral Bonus

(a) Members will receive a Referral Bonus when new students sign up for the Seimpi Education courses for 2 full consecutive months.

(b) To qualify for the Referral Bonus, new students must sign up using the member's unique "Referral CODE." Additionally, in order for members to receive the referral bonus for the month, both the member and the referred students must pay the full fee.

4. Referral Bonus Pay-out
(a) The Referral Bonus will be paid out via Bank Transfer on a bi - monthly basis, upon receiving full payment from the referral.

5. Personal Info

The member is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided regarding any agreed-upon transfer method for the referral bonus. It is their responsibility to provide correct and up-to-date details for the smooth transfer of the referral bonus.

6. Disclaimer of Liability
Seimpi Learning Alliance Network (LAN) shall bear no responsibility within the legal realm for any losses or damages arising from members’ negligence or wrongful acts. While we express regret regarding such circumstances, please note that our organization cannot assume liability in this regard.

7. Termination

LAN membership will be automatically terminated if the members are no longer students of Seimpi Education. Seimpi Learning Alliance Network (LAN) reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify, terminate, or suspend the Membership, including its associated privileges, without prior notice, in the event of circumstances beyond its control.

8. Amendment of “Terms & Conditions”
Seimpi Learning Alliance Network (LAN) reserves the right to modify the “Terms and Conditions” at any time. Members will be notified of any changes.

By acknowledging in the form, you have agreed to the “Terms & Conditions” of Seimpi Learning Alliance Network (LAN) and agree to abide by them.

诗韵 学习联盟圈 (LAN)



1. 会员特权适用范围

a) 作为会员,您有资格享受诗韵学习联盟圈提供的独家会员特权。

b) 会员特权仅适用于诗韵学习联盟圈的会员,不能与诗韵教育提供的其他特权或促销活动同时使用。


2. 推荐计划中的会员权益

a) 作为会员,我们鼓励您向诗韵学院的项目推荐新学员。

b) 您将获得一个独特的“推荐代码”(Referral CODE),与新学员分享。


3. 推荐奖金

a) 当新学员连续报名诗韵教育课程两个月后,会员将获得推荐奖金。

b) 为了符合推荐奖励的资格,新生必须使用会员的独特“推荐代码”进行注册。此外,为了使会员能够获得当月的推荐奖励,会员和被推荐的学生都必须支付全额学费


4. 推荐奖金支付



5. 个人信息



6. 免责声明



7. 终止



8. 条款和条件的修改


在表格中确认后, 我已理解诗韵学习联盟圈的条款和条件,并同意遵守。

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