SafeEntry with NRIC @ Seimpi 

* For Internal circulation only

(1) How to use of SafeEntry with NRIC

(a) On the centre's mobile phone, use Chrome to go to :

*You can use any mobile phone to scan if there are a lot of people.

(b) Key in Entrance/exit's name and Store code

(1) Seimpi Education @ Centrepoint

(Store Code : 816472)

(2) Seimpi Education @ Hougang

(Store Code : 481609)

(3) Seimpi Education @ JCube

(Store Code : 132569)

(4) Seimpi Education @ Loyang Point

(Store Code : 538170)

(b) Select “Scan Entrance” when parents are entering, or “Scan Exit ” when they are exiting the premises.

(c) Start scanning the barcode of the NRIC. Once detected the IC no will be shown and the number of people will increase by 1.

You can use the "Manual Input" tab to enter the NRIC number if they did not bring their NRIC.

(d) *Important* You need to check-out the parents when they  leave the premises by the SAME method, ie if they use QR code to come in they must use QR code to check out. And if they use scanning NRIC, they must use scanning NRIC to check out.

 Besides NRIC, other forms of official photo ID with barcode can be used for SafeEntry. This includes Transitlink Concession Card, PAssion Card, Driver’s License, MOM Work Pass or Work Permit. 

*For young children, Birth Certifcate can be presented. (For convenience we recommend parent's take a photo of the barcode of their Birth Certificate and present the photo for us to scan.)